Hi Kimberli,

We got our first Yorkie, Minnie Belle, from you three years ago. She brought such joy to an otherwise sad time for me. My Mother had alzheimers, and I was having a really hard time coping with it. I started taking Minnie Belle to visit my mother. When mom would see her I always got a smile. Whenever I could get a smile from my mom, it just made my day. All the other alzheimers patients fell in love with Minnie Belle, too. Minnie Belle became my personal ESA companion and went everywhere with me. My mom has since passed away. Caring for and watching my Mother decline over six years took quite a toll on my body, and as a result I've have had several surgeries. Minnie Belle has been such a comfort to me, that we felt she should have a play mate, so last month we got our second Yorkie from you, Suzy Q. These two babies have really taken to each other and play together all the time. Now Minnie Belle has a well deserved friend to play with while I continue my recovery. I hope that when I'm well again both Minnie Belle and Suzy Q can visit other alzheimers patients and bring a little joy to their lives.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful companions. Both of our dogs are absolutely perfect babies!

Here are some pictures of them. - On the floor waiting for a treat and on the sofa getting very sleepy after playing so hard.

Thank you again,
Fort Worth, TX


I wanted to send you an update on Cooper (Asher). He is doing wonderful! Such a sweetheart, everyone he meets falls in love with him. He spends many days at the office with me and puts in a lot of hard work . He has also gotten himself very attached to my husband which I wasn't sure would happen. But no one can resist that face. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!!

Debby Hooper


Hi Kimberli,

Jagger is almost 5 months old and has the most Amazing Personality! He's a social butterfly and loves to play with other dogs, big or small. He's completely potty trained on the wee wee pad and is healthy & strong. I can't express how much joy he has brought into my life!!

You were so easy & friendly to work with and answered any and all questions I had. Jagger's trip to FL was a piece of cake. He was so calm when he arrived. I have attached two pics.

I can't thank you enough!!



Good Morning,

We thought we would send you a picture of our baby....she is doing so good and has the run of the house now:)  We are so happy and thank you for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family:)   Jennifer Hunnicutt:)


Hi Kimberli,

Thanks so much for your email today. Susie Q is doing just great with our family! She is healthy and strong and adorable. She loves her partner Buddy to pieces. They play all day long together.

We really appreciate your professional touches (LOVE your business cards, too! LOL!). Thanks again for everything!




Hey Kimberli!
I just wanted to send you a picture of Stella and Lucy. I got both of them from you 4 years ago and we just love them to death! The one with the green collar is Lucy and in the pink is Stella. Lucy is the boss of the two. She has a very dominant personality. Stella is laid back and goes with the flow. They are so much fun. I am attaching a picture!
Thanks Again,
Lisa Musso
I can't tell you how happy we are with our puppies that we purchased from you last summer. They are almost a year now so I thought I would send you a picture. We take them everywhere with us, and I can't even begin to tell you how many people I have sent to your website! So when you hear about the crazy couple in Waco, Tx that had their dogs in a stroller at the store, it is probably a safe bet that it is us!


Chris and Rachel from Dallas, Texas
I would like say thank you for a positive experience and the treatment
Chris and I received in purchasing our new Yorkie puppy.

We are more than pleased with not only our puppy, but also how knowledgeable
and accomodating you were in our search for our new addition. Once we arrived at the nursery,
we were able to see the variety of males, females, sizes, colors and it helped us become more
familiar with what we were looking for. Your females/studs were all well kept and good looking dogs.
We were pleased in getting the opportunity to see them, as this gave us and opportunity to make our choice
based off of their sizing. This also gave us the ability to see our puppy in his own "element" as we immediately
were able to choose our puppy, not only based off of his character, but what size, characteristics we were
looking for.Thank you for not only being patient with us and emailin g pictures to us, but for accommodating us
by meeting us again yesterday evening - as we were so excited to get him. We were delightfully surprised
with our goody bag, accompanied by his paperwork and "instruction manual".

Chris and I couldn't be happier with our new addition and our experience in purchasing him.